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All prices are quoted in UK POUNDS (UK£). Convertion to any other currency will be at the rate quoted by the Currency Exchange Rates. For an accurate convertion from 'any currency' to 'any currency' in 'real time', click here or click on the "Currency Converter" logo at the top right of any sales page.


Shipping costs include the amount charged by the carrier to Lion Coins, plus the cost of sufficient packing materials to ensure safe transit. All sales will incur shipping charges. All shipping charges are for the account of the buyer, and must be pre-paid. Shipping costs are variable, and will be quoted prior to any sale. Small sized single coins should not incur more than £1.50 for shipping by airmail to anywhere in the world. Any item, (or items) totalling UK£25, or over (not including any shipping or other ancilliary charges), will be sent free of shipping charges if the shipping charges do not exceed 5% of the final price of the goods. If the shipping charge does exceed 5% of the final price of the goods, then that part of the shipping charge which is in excess of 5% of the final price of the goods will be charged to the purchaser. As a general rule, most heavy items will incur some excess shipping costs. This includes most books, and cased coins, and also multiple items of low cost coins.

Despatch will be made by the normal first-class postal services, using air-mail, and delivery trace system - DEL>>>TRAK® - where appropriate.

The following insurance premiums will be applied, and added to all orders on which Insurance has been requested. It is based on the total cost of the items ordered plus the shipping costs. For shipments valued:-

  • up to GBP50 - @ 4% - Minimum premium GBP0.50
  • over GBP50 and up to GBP100 - @ 3% - Minimum premium GBP2.00
  • over GBP100 and up to GBP250 - @ 2.5% - Minimum premium GBP3.00
  • over GBP250 Post Office Insurance only

Goods insured under these premiums will benefit from our own insurance system, and payment of the premium is a separate transaction to the main purchase. Any insurance premiums paid will not form part of any claim. No claims will be paid before a transit period of 30 days has elapsed (including the day of posting). This is to ensure that the goods have actually been lost, and not just delayed in transit. This insurance service is optional, and must be requested in writing by you before transit commences.

You may, alternatively pay the Post Office insurance rates if you prefer, but they are far more costly than our own rates, and claims will usually take longer. If you have opted out of both options to insure your goods, then they will be sent by ordinary mail, with only a receipt of posting obtained. You will have no cover for loss or damage. We would supply a 'proof of posting' certificate and enter a claim against the Postal Services on your behalf, but there is no liability on the Postal Services, or Lion Coins to pay out any compensation on un-insured losses.

It is the buyers responsibility to check with their Customs authorities if any Import Duty will need to be paid. Usually small amounts of collectors items are allowed to be imported duty free.


This is now such a complicated subject it has a page of its own - Please click this link


All items are sold with a fourteen day guarantee of satisfaction. Any items not approved of will receive a full refund, including postage if it is due to mis-describing, or over-grading by Lion Coins. Items must be returned to Lion Coins in good packaging within fourteen days of receipt. Any items which are individually sealed in a pack, or sealed as a set must be returned in the same sealed pack with the seal un-broken. Advice of return of unsatisfactory goods must be emailed to Lion Coins prior to return of the goods. All items are believed to be genuine, unless otherwise stated, and if any doubt arises, the buyer will be given the benefit of any such doubt, and a full refund given.

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4 June 2000

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