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Numismatics & Coin Collecting
This web-site is recommended by Jacob of the Boy Scouts, and his Scout Master, Mr Taylor Alexander
Old Tyneside images - Gateshead Hebburn, Jarrow and South Shields
Norman Dunn's photo history of South Tyneside from WW2 to date
LisaDeluxe Handmade Jewellery
Beautiful high quality unique designs crafted with love
Large selection of British & World Banknotes, and cheques
Malcolm Bennet Medallions
A fine selection of medallions and a wealth of further medallic links.
Daniel Fearon
The author of Spink's Catalogue of Commemorative Medals. This site has loads of info and images..
The Collection of Benjamin Weiss
Such a well laid out, and easy to navigate site with masses of good images and in-depth descriptions - a "MUST SEE" site from one of the worlds' most knowledgeable medallion experts
Christopher Eimer
The author of numerous medallion books. This site has loads of info and images..
David & Constance Yates
Here you can wallow in the wealth of well presented info & images
Fine Medals
You can go on forever with this site - wonderful for Art Nouveau & Art Deco
French Medalists
Primarily the production of the French medalist - Great site
The medals of Geri Jimenez Gould
Looking for Napoleonic Medals - look no further
Fantasy realms and their coins
Much information on the coinage of the smaller dynasties by Erik McCrea
Forum Ancient Coins
More than 2500 ancient coins from a wide array of ancient cultures, including Rome and ancient Greece. All the coins are guaranteed for eternity.
Early Office Museum then Click "Exhibits"
This is a super web site to find out about your old office machinery - staplers, typewriters, cheque punches and writers, calculators etc.
Dis-used Railway Stations in the U.K.
A really interesting web-site for all railway buffs - Loads of details on old railway stations.
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