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Lisa Davis - Handmade Jewellery - No Ditto Design
Beautiful high quality unique designs crafted with love  
Old Tyneside images - Gateshead Hebburn, Jarrow and South Shields
Norman Dunn's photo history of South Tyneside from WW2 to date
"Smarter Hobby" - Great information if you are starting a Coin Collection
Mark Orwig in the U.S.A. runs an excellent website for beginners to the hobby of Coin Collecting
Large selection of British & World Banknotes, and cheques
Daniel Fearon
The author of Spink's Catalogue of Commemorative Medals. This site has loads of info and images..
The Collection of Benjamin Weiss
Such a well laid out, and easy to navigate site with masses of good images and in-depth descriptions - a "MUST SEE" site from one of the worlds' most knowledgeable medallion experts
Christopher Eimer
The author of numerous medallion books. This site has loads of info and images..
David & Constance Yates
Here you can wallow in the wealth of well presented info & images
Fine Medals
You can go on forever with this site - wonderful for Art Nouveau & Art Deco
French Medalists
Primarily the production of the French medalist - Great site
Fantasy realms and their coins
Much information on the coinage of the smaller dynasties by Erik McCrea
Forum Ancient Coins
More than 2500 ancient coins from a wide array of ancient cultures, including Rome and ancient Greece. All the coins are guaranteed for eternity.
Early Office Museum then Click "Exhibits"
This is a super web site to find out about your old office machinery - staplers, typewriters, cheque punches and writers, calculators etc.
Dis-used Railway Stations in the U.K.
A really interesting web-site for all railway buffs - Loads of details on old railway stations.
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