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Abbreviations Used
Abbreviation Meaning
a.e.g.all edges gilt
Ar (or Ag)Silver
AvAverage Circulation
NiBrNickel Bronze Alloy
BrAlBronze Aluminium Alloy
BUNCBrilliant Uncirculated - See Grading
CuNiCupro Nickel Alloy
EFExtremely Fine - See Grading
f.e.p.front end paper
FFine - See Grading
GGood - See Grading
GFGood Fine - See Grading
GVFGood Very Fine - See Grading
JIMJapanese Invasion Money
ndNot dated
s.e.kSmall edge Knock
UNC Uncirculated - See Grading
VFVery Fine - See Grading
VGVery Good - See Grading

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This list was compiled to help you understand the condition of each coin listed on the site. Abbreviations are compiled in alphabetical order to help assist in accessibility to the information you need. There are also links to grading information for each country, as each has its own standards around which coin grading borders. When you are finished navigating through the information provided here, please feel free to use the navigation bar below to find your way around the rest of the site.

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