Cards are listed under the following main headings
  BANKS  - mainly in BRITAIN - together with a few Post Offices

HOLIDAY FUN - Sea-side, river, or Lake - from c.1900 inc Pleasure Piers  

ACCIDENTS/DISASTERS - Subsidence, Floods, Fires, crashes

CHESHIRE - in North West England - History and Beauty

EXHIBITIONS - National & International Exhibitions, Expos, World Fairs

BRIDGES - National & International, big and small - all ages

TRANSPORT -  Air, & Road - Planes, cars, buses & trams, from 1904 on

MISCELLANY - Events, People, Places & Towers - Serendipity Rules O.K.

CHATEAUX - including Castles, Schloss, Burg - all European
  SHIPPING - All sizes of ships, lighthouses & semaphores, and harbours  
  RAILWAYS & STATIONS - Locomotives & Stations from anywhere  
  CIGARETTE/TRADE CARDS - Complete sets on many subjects + odds  


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